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Patricia Narayan – The Winner of FICCI Woman Entrepreneur Of the Year.

 Patricia Narayan

Sometimes, you might have heard about Patricia Narayan. If not, then you should definitely need to know about her. Patricia Narayan is a successful businesswoman who won FICCI Woman Entrepreneur award for her hard work.

Patricia Narayan started her business with just two people. Now, there are 200 people working for her in her restaurants. Her lifestyle has changed too. From traveling in a cycle rickshaw, she moved to auto rickshaws and now she has her own car. From 50 paise a day, her revenue has gone up to Rs 2lakh a day,” Do you how?? Here we go..

Patricia Thomas was just 17 when she wedded Narayan, a Hindu Brahmin who was 13 years older than her, against the desires of her conservationist Christian family. Because of this, She was rejected by her dad and after that, the things went worse., Her husband turned out as a drug addict and doesn’t care about her and their children. She doesn’t have any way to live and look after her children. So, she took some financial help from her mother and started a mobile cart on marina beach with 2 disabled people to help her. They sold snacks, fresh juice, coffee, and tea. In an interview, she said that “ the marina is my business school, it is my MBA”.

She worked hard to make money. Later, she started branching her business to canteens for office across Chennai. In 2002, during one disappearance, her husband died. And after 2 years, her daughter also died in the accident along with her son-in-law.

In late memory of her daughter, Patricia and her son started their first restaurant in the name of her daughter ‘Sandeepha’. Patricia cared her restaurant, the way she would care her daughter. For her struggle for full life and excellent work, she won FICCI Woman Entrepreneur award in 2010.

She says that “ there was a fire in me that made believe that I could be successful without anyone’s help. I did not want to be a failure. If you have that fire, nothing in the world can stop you from succeeding”.


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