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Smart Ways To Get Away From Hidden Camera!!

 detect hidden camera

Do you know that someone is watching you even without your knowledge?? Exactly!! Now, you might have been thinking of “who is the one”. Right??? Let me explain then… have you heard of the hidden camera?? Yes, he is the villain!!! He will be at anywhere. Even in the private places too…  The term “hidden camera” is usually used when the subject would normally be likely to purpose to being recorded as an assault on their privacy.  If you do not use Spy cameras properly, this can cause a violation of rights. There’s a lot of merit as well as demerits for these kind cameras. In this article, let’s find the techniques to find such Spy cameras which are placed in the private places.


Here are Some Smart Ways to Detect Hidden Cameras:

Cell phone Detector.

Unfortunately, when you stay in a hotel you are not the only one with access to your room. Hotel rooms are the vulnerable place and surprisingly easy to hide a camera. There some applications are available for detecting spy cameras. Named hidden camera detector, Ishift solutions and more. We cannot assure the accuracy of this app. But at some point, it can help you to detect these issues.


The Mirror is one of the best places to hide the hidden camera. So if you want to check whether it is safe or not, first you have to touch the mirror. Do you feel any gap between your finger and it’s reflection?? If no, then be careful there could be a chance of Camera behind the mirror glass.

Water heater.

Hotel rooms aren’t the only place where somebody might place a hidden camera.  But the chances are high when you go to some hotel, you might not be sure about the safety. The water heater is another option for hiding such kind of cameras. If you have a water heater in the bathroom and you are feeling like not safe, then turn off the heater and bath.

Screw objects.

Screw looking objects are the best place for spy camera, which is widely used nowadays. When we look at those screws, we cannot identify the camera placed within that. If you see such kind of stuff in the private places place a sticker or sellotape on them to make the camera vision blurred. Keep a keen eye on them. Because sometimes it will be a camera watching you secretly.

Other electronic devices.

Without electronic devices, we cannot live. The commonly used electronic devices are the Air conditioner, coffee maker and more. We cannot find out such cameras out there. If you think like you are not safe in the room, then turn off the main power supply. Keep objects front of the lens looking pat on the tv. If it is in the case of coffee maker, unplug it.


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