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The best 5 antivirus apps for your android device

best antivirus apps

Android is one of the most commonly used operating systems in the world. Which means having the best security applications and antivirus software for Android installed on your device is indispensable. Nowadays mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc are our intimate devices and most us can’t live without one of these. Your phone or laptop contains your personal and sensitive information like online accounts (email, facebook, twitter etc), banking apps, contacts, images etc., so be smart and install some antivirus or security software on it. Whatever apps or software you used for your Android device, let’s go through top 5 antivirus apps for Android and find out what they do.


1.Avast mobile security


Avast is my one of the favorite security app which I have been using since years ago, and I strongly recommended this for your Android device.avast, mobile security offers a perfect range of security tools like antivirus, call blocker, Anti-theft etc.. This antivirus scans your apps and it has a web shield that inspects URLs for the malware.the call blocker option is used for blacklisting unwanted numbers. It also provides app lock option which is used for protecting your private apps by a pin number and it has a wifi scanner for improving the security and speed. Here are Some key features of the avast security system

  • Call blocking
  • Wifi scanner
  • Anti-theft feature(pro version)
  • Antivirus protection
  • App locker(pro version)




Kaspersky is one the big player in the security app/software market, and its reputation increases day by day. Kaspersky provides both free and paid version. The free version of its security application has some attractive features like expert malware detection, block malicious sites before you click on them, simple security management system etc. in the premium version of Kaspersky offers some extra security options such as anti-phishing, automatic scan, call and text filtering etc.

Key features of Kaspersky security :

  • Malware detection(free)
  • Blocks malicious sites and links(free)
  • Perfect security management(free)
  • Anti-phishing option(paid)
  • Automatic scan(paid)
  • Call and text filtering(paid)


3.McAfee security


McAfee security is also a best and popular security option for your pc and android mobile/pc.they provide security software for your pc and mobile security application for your android mobile. Mcafee has different security options like antivirus scanner, tracking and locking a lost device remotely,anti-theft option (which take pictures of the thief )etc. one of the key features of McAfee security is, the ability to scan your apps to check if they leak any sensitive data, and lock them if required.

Key features of McAfee security :

  • Antivirus protection
  • Device tracking
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Polices installed apps for data leakage



Antiy AVL is an award winner security app for best protection of mobile devices by AV-Test(a popular and reputed antivirus testing outfit). Its key feature is an expert scanner which is capable detecting any kind of malicious and executable files in your device.AVL also provides a call blocker option to avoid malicious numbers on your phone and a perfect anti-phishing system to prevent harmful websites and links.

Key features of AVL:

  • Anti-phishing option
  • Call blocking facility
  • Antivirus
  • Light on resources

5.Avira Antivirus Security


Avira antivirus security offers a wide variety of security options like identity safeguard feature, able to scan external storage(example sd card, USB), privacy scaling and more. The integrated identity safeguard system systematically checks if the email addresses in your contact lists and the app is controlled by a web-based management system which is very useful if you want to set up a standard policy over multiple android devices.

Key features of Avira antivirus security

  • Identity safeguard feature
  • External storage scanning option
  • Automatic blocking of malicious sites(paid version)


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